Monday, December 1, 2014

BS, and I'm not talking Bachelor of Science degree!!

I know that I don't have that many followers, but some days the things I see in the horse world just make me shake my head. And so I feel a real need to put some of these fads, to rest. As in RIP!
I was watching a you tube video of a "Natural Hoof Care specialist". My first thought is, who created this "specialty"? And secondly, who confers the title of "Natural Hoof care specialist, or expert"? I will tell you that these people are the modern day snake oil salesmen. What they peddle as "mysterious", or "technical expertise" is nothing more than their own version of the real thing. The "real thing" as far as horses are concerned, are the practices carried out by those who have been doing it for years in a very positive way, they love what they do, and they are YOUR NEIGHBORS. Your Veterinarian is THE expert, if he/she loves the work, the people and has been doing it long enough to have seen many fads etc, come and go over the years. Too many of us are are duped and buy into these so called "experts". One common characteristic of these people, is that they usually are not your neighbor. They are usually at least one state away. They come in , put on a seminar, take your money, confer on you a title, and are gone.
I watched a video of Jaime Jackson, a so called "expert" in natural hoof care. He called it "sequencing", or in other words, he showed you how to walk around a horse, keep it comfortable, while working on its feet. Here is one of the most mundane tasks that every "real" horse handler knows, but this "expert" has choreographed a dance, and calls it sequencing. It was done on a very gentle horse. I wondered what the cost of this "clinic" was?
I guess my point is, if you want real reliable advise, training, education, etc., get it from someone who you trust, is not from another state, and has at least a life time of working with horses in a very favorable manner. These things are not rocket science, in spite of what these so called experts try to make you believe. They teach a few big words, a basic skill, and "wha la!" you too are an expert.
I have no respect for these people, they are out of there league, usually, and their only real skill is self promotion.
Over the past thirty years of working with horses, my advise is to look hard and long for a great shoer and Veterinarian that has a lifetime of horsemanship as well as veterinary work.
Money and time is at a premium these days, use both wisely. You can text or call me anytime, its free, and may save you money and time!

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  1. My dear Dr. Hill - you know Ms. Lightning and I (Lorraine) adore you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do for us. However, I have to take issue with a few of your comments regarding Jaime Jackson. He has studied the horse hoof and practiced farrier work extensively, and therefore can be considered - in my humble opinion- an "expert." Just try reading some of the material he and Pete Ramey have put out there! No, he is not local, but from my own experience, trying to find a GOOD, local farrier who actually has studied the hoof and its mechanics is at the very least daunting. It seems at least a few of these locals go out and buy a rasp and a pair of chaps and Wa La - they are a farrier! It also seems that "navicular" seems to have become a farrier buzz word. Having said that, I agree that many "horse experts" are full of BS. Just go to any barn, pick any 10 people, and 7 of them will give you advice that would make you grab your horse and RUN in the opposite direction!