Monday, December 1, 2014

Afflictions of autumn

This is my favorite  time of year. After suffering through months of extreme heat, we finally feel the cooler days and even cooler nights. The other night I was thinking how cool it was outside, and how it was nice inside. Then I thought of my horses and how they had to endure the extreme temperature swings common to this time of year. At times, in the fall the temperature can change as much as 40 degrees. This can be very stressful for our horses, and it can bring on problems such as upper respiratory infections, influenza or rhinopneumonitis, and impaction colic.

To avoid these issues I recommend that every horse receives an exam to check teeth, get a flu rhino vaccination, and talk about husbandry issues such as nutrition, water in winter, foot care, and exercise for the winter months. It is good to learn how to avoid problems that can range in severity from slight to life threatening.

Merry Christmas!


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