Thursday, May 19, 2011

EHV-1 update

5 horses have been confirmed positive at one location in Utah. Now we will wait to see if they show symptoms.

EHV-1 update

From all of the western states reporting, 23 confirmed, 24 suspects, and 4 dead or euthanized. NO confirmed cases in Utah.
One other fact. In outbreaks of this same disease in the past, in other parts of the country, there was a pattern that emerged. Those horses that were vaccinated most frequently for "flu-rhino" had the highest incidence of the neurological form of EHV-1. The reason is that immune complexes which are formed when vaccinating, are involved in the nerve damage with this disease. Therefore, DO NOT vaccinate your horses beyond what is normally recommended.

EHV-1 hysteria

Our phones are ringing off the hook! Understandably so. The thought of our horses being endangered by a deadly virus is scary. But the Internet, texting, twitter hysteria has blown the extent and seriousness of this outbreak to outlandish proportion! So let's look at the facts (science).
1. If you or your horses have had no contact with the horses at the ogden cutting show in April 30 - may 8, then the risk of your horses contacting the disease are no higher than normal. You see, if no cases are documented in Utah, then we know that the neurological form of rhino (ehv-1), came and went with the horses that HAVE been proven with the disease from colorado and California.
2. If you voluntarily isolate your horses (stay at home) for 3 weeks, no cases are documented in Utah, and yours show no symptoms, you are fine.
3. you can have your horses tested (scientifically proven) with a simple blood test and nasal swab.cost is $100.
End of story. Science can really simplify the situation if you can look past the hysteria that we love to perpetuate.

We then are left with a philosophical question. In our modern society we are inundated with information. I said "information", not necessarily facts, or truth. This begs the question,"with all that we hear, what and who do we believe?"
I believe that most of what we read and hear is merely information, and not truth, or fact. With this last outbreak, my point is proven. I see many people making decisions based on information (much of it inaccurate), and not facts. Facts take effort to discover, whereas info comes at us freely, and all to easily.
My personal feeling is to NOT take anything at face value, until I have investigated the facts, and found them for myself. Decisions based on fact (real science), will result in better decisions.
Give me just the facts, please.