Friday, September 10, 2010

vetricyn - miracle cure?

Over the past weeks many people have asked me if I had heard of the latest in "miracle cures", called Vetricyn. It was advertised on RFD TV and endorsed by Clinton Andersen. Well, I finally found a bottle in The American Cowboy store in West Bountiful. I looked at the ingredient list, and now I think I can give you my opinion of the stuff. Let me preface this with a word about the power of marketing. It wouldn't seem to matter what the product is, the important thing is WHO endorses it and what kind of exposure it gets. This product seems to have a great following with many people raving about its ability to heal wounds, various skin conditions etc. Well, if a little bit of Clorox in water can do that, then great! Because that is what the antibacterial ingredient is, clorox. Probably the amount that it takes to Keep stored water from going bad. So that is it, a small amount of clorox in water is what Vetricyn is. Kind of makes a guy wonder if we hadn't ought to make our own!