Monday, October 31, 2011

Old horses? Don't tell them they're old!

Just spoke with a client of over 20 years. He just returned from the USTRC team roping in Oklahoma City. His #1 horse is 24 years old, and still performing well. This is almost becoming the norm. A well cared for, 20 year old horse is not necessarily old! What is the secret to a long, healthy performance life? This particular horse has had the best hoof care, every 6-8 weeks, dental exams and floating, (when necessary), spring and fall vaccinations, correctly administered and timed deworming treatments, and the best nutrition (Gro-Rite supplement). This horse is no pasture ornament, he earns his living all year, every year. I have seen this horse and examined him at least twice a year for the past 20 years, and all of the above mentioned services have been provided by me. This owner has allowed me to give this horse the best that I have to offer. The results speak for themselves. This is not an isolated case either. Doing things the best way, is doing things the most cost effective way. Having one good, healthy horse for 20 years, is certainly cheaper and more enjoyable than 2 or 3 over the same time period. So if you've got a good one, or one with the potential to be good, give them what they deserve. Give them the chance to excel and have the best, longest life possible. Call me, I think I have the recipe!