Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great horse people

In the past 25 years I have come across some really great horse people. It has been my priviledge to learn a great deal from them. Just yesterday one of the finest Horseshoers and horsemen I know said to me. "If we had fewer horses, we'd have better horses".
Maybe having too many horses means they get too little work ,or too little attention, training and grooming, or less than the best veterinary care, or lower quality, less expensive feed, or less frequent hoof care. We have to ask ourselves if our finances, energy, and time are just being stretched too thin? Do our horses get what they deserve from us? Every time I question the quality or ability of my horse, I first need to ask that question of myself. Do I give my horses what they need to excel, or do I short change them, and then put the blame on them, instead of on myself? When I find myself saying,"stupid horse",what I am really saying is "stupid me". I am amazed that they put up with "stupid me" so much!!

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